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Corymbia intermedia syn Eucalyptus intermedia - Pink Bloodwood - 50 Seeds

Corymbia intermedia syn Eucalyptus intermedia - Pink Bloodwood - 50 Seeds


Myrtaceae Species - No Shipment to WA or TAS


Corymbia intermedia or the Pink Bloodwood is native to QLD and NSW specifically it is found on a narrow belt ranging from Cooktown to north of Newcastle growing as a medium to tall tree which can reach 20 - 30 m  in height with a 10 - 20 m spread.


The rough bark is tesselated, light brown to grey in colour and extends the branches and trunk.  The lanceolate juvenile leaves are 5 - 10 cm  long by 2–2.5cm wide and dark green above with paler undersides, while the leathery adult leaves are 10 - 15 cm long by 1.5–3 cm wide, lanceolate and dark green in colour.

Flowering occurs from Summer to Autumn and the profuse perfumed white or cream flowers are up to 2cm in diameter.  Flowers are followed by the development of the urn shaped gumnuts.

This species is found in New South Wales from Gloucester northwards into Queensland, as far as to Cape York - a total range of 2,500km, and within 100km of the eastern coast line. 

It thrives on loamy and sandy soils, and has been found on altitudes of up to 1,200 with annual rainfall of 750–2200mm and predominantly summer rain.


The dark pink to reddish brown heartwood is hard and durable usable for building fences and bridges. 


The Pink Bloodwood is a favourite of the Squirrel Glider and Yellow-bellied Glider which bite the bark and lick the sap from the wound.  They also feed on the nectar from the flowers. 


This listing is for 50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.  
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