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Cornus florida rubra - Pink Flowering Dogwood - 10 Seeds

Cornus florida rubra - Pink Flowering Dogwood - 10 Seeds


Cornus florida rubra, commonly known as the Pink Flowering Dogwood, is a small deciduous tree which grows from 5 to 10m in height and with a spread of about 5 to 6m.  It can be grown as a single trunked specimen or as a picturesque multi trunked tree.  The branches in the lower half of the crown grow horizontally and those in the upper half are more upright and in time and with some thinning to open the crown this can lend a strikingly horizontal impact.

The State flower of Virginia, Flowering Dogwood is native to North America.  The light pink blooms come with the Spring, flowers consist of four bracts surrounding the small head of yellow flowers but giving the impression of one bloom - the bracts are a light, vibrant pink.  Flowers are followed by bright red berries in the Summer and Autumn, making the tree attractive to birds.  Autumn foliage colour change depends on climate, it's a very striking red to maroon, with the colours being more vivid in cooler climates.

Cornus can be grown in full sun to part shade in well drained humus rich soil from clay to loam or sand and benefits from mulching to maintain a cool root-run in Summer months.  It can be grown in wetter soils in raised beds to increase drainage.  As with many northern hemisphere species this is an ultimately hardy tree in Australian conditions, bit it does not do well in areas of high humidity.

10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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