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Cornus capitata - Himalayan Strawberry Tree - 15 Seeds

Cornus capitata - Himalayan Strawberry Tree - 15 Seeds

Cornus capitata, commonly known as the Himalayan Strawberry Tree or Evergreen Dogwood is a beautiful tree from the Himalayan foothills that grows to about 6 to 9m in height.
This is a long flowering evergreen tree that produces attractive creamy yellow flowers followed by fleshy crimson red strawberry shaped fruit making an excellent feature tree in the garden, particularly in a cottage garden setting. 
Best suited to the cooler zones of Australia south of Sydney and Perth and in the mountainous zones along the Great Dividing Range, it likes fertile, well drained soil in cool, moist tablelands - protect from dry winds and water well in Summer.
15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.  
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