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Stenocarpus sinuatis - Firewheel Tree - 100 seeds

Stenocarpus sinuatis - Firewheel Tree - 100 seeds

The Firewheel Tree, Stenocarpus sinuatus is a handsome rainforest tree whose natural habitat is the coastal rainforests from northern New South Wales to northern Queensland and Papua New Guinea. 


It is an upright tree to 30m in its natural habitat but normally only reaches about 9m in cultivation, it has attractive dark green glossy leaves can vary from entire to deeply pinnately lobed (divided) and it is often grown as an indoor plant when young. 


The red flowers appear in the early Summer and last well into Autumn and are arranged in wheel like umbels approximately 10cm in diameter, giving it its common name.  Flowers are usually borne on older wood inside the outer foliage,  and are much more attractive close up. 
The Firewheel Tree has been in cultivation as an outdoor tree for many years in various countries around the world, and has demonstrated some cold tolerance but it is not accepted as hardy below freezing point. 
It is a member of the Proteaceae family and like all Proteaceae is very adept at tapping trace elements from the soil so it is best only lightly fertilised with a low phosphate organic fertiliser. 
Although it can be cultivated from cuttings the more normal method is from seed, which is easy, requiring no pre-treatment.
100 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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