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Coprosma quadrifida - Prickly Current Bush - 20 seeds

Coprosma quadrifida - Prickly Current Bush - 20 seeds


This is an Australian native shrub growing 2 - 4m in height with an open and upright habit - sometimes has been found growing as an epiphyte, very small olive green leaves crowded along branches, fine spines are on branches, greenish white insignificant flowers in Spring to Summer and red globular edible (slightly astringent) berries in Summer to Autumn.


Found naturally growing in damp sites in woodland, sclerophyll forest, open forest, gullies and cool temperate rainforest.

Best grown in a protected part shade position in moist soil, tolerates poor drainage, saline conditions, seasonal waterlogging to 10cm deep but is drought sensitive.


Propagation by seed is straightforward, remove flesh and sow the seeds in a moist seed raising mix and keep moist, seeds can take as long as 5 months to germinate.


Attracts birds that eat the berries, the edible berries are astringent and are best cooked before eating.


20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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