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Commersonia bartramia - Brown Kurrajong - 20 seeds

Commersonia bartramia - Brown Kurrajong - 20 seeds

A  great Aussie native with mass flowering and interesting seed pods!
This is a fast growing Australian native tree growing up to 20m tall in its native habitat of Cape York Peninsula, NE QLD and south down to NE NSW, also occurring in Papua New Guinea, but usually much smaller in cultivation.
It is commonly found growing along roads and areas of disturbance and grows well in well developed dry and wet rainforest on a range of sites and soils.
It has a greyish trunk with fibrous stripes in the blaze, a pyramidal habit woth short horizontal layered branches.
It gets a mass of dense clusters of small white to greenish coloured flowers in Summer, these are followed by an olive green to brown hairy, softly spiky capsule that opens up to reveal small brown to black seeds with a yellow aril, ripening in Autumn to early Winter.
This is a spectacular tree when in flower, makes a useful pioneer species and added interest with the funky seed pods.
This listing is for 20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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