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Clitoria ternatea - Blue Butterfly Pea - 30 Seeds

Clitoria ternatea - Blue Butterfly Pea - 30 Seeds

Gorgeous blue flowering vine that also acts as a soil improver!
Clitoria ternatea, commonly known as the Butterfly Pea Vine, is a fast growing perennial climber, native to Southern and Central Africa, it is now established and grown both as an ornamental or a high-yielding forage crop in tropical, sub-tropical and warm temperate climates world-wide.  Botanically it is best described in general terms as is a vigorous, strongly persistent, herbaceous perennial legume with a fine twining form.


The bright blue flowers with off-white to yellow markings reach 5cm in length and 4cm in width, the individual flowers tend to be solitary but a good plant can produce numerous blooms creating a very attractive spectacle. Flowering is normally in the Summer months but often occurs sporadically throughout the year.


It can take a range of soils from sands through to heavy clays but is extremely well adapted to those awkward heavy clay alkaline soils we all love to hate.  It is drought tolerant and has some tolerance for saline soil, but performs best with regular watering.  This is a warm climate species that takes full sun to dappled shade, it is not frost tolerant and does not do as well in cooler climates.
Horticulturally, this species excels as a fast-growing cover for fences and trellises and can be a useful fast screen. It makes an excellent hanging basket subject.  It should not be forgotten that it is a multi-purpose species, as with many legumes it is nitrogen fixing and is now used for short and medium-term pastures and as green manure, a cover crop, a protein bank and as a useful fast revegetation species for degraded sites.


Propagation is easy from seed following pre-treatment to break the physical dormancy provided by the impervious seed coat.  Pre-treatment can be carried out by abrasion - gently rub the seed between folded sandpaper - or by placing the seed in near boiling water and allowing it to soak overnight as the water cools.  The seed retains viability for many years.  


This listing is for 30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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