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Chorizema rhombeum - Prostrate Flame Pea - 20 Seeds

Chorizema rhombeum - Prostrate Flame Pea - 20 Seeds


Chorizema or Flame Peas are a genus of some 25 species endemic to Australia and they are shrubs or twiners and have masses of spectular orange and/or red (for the most part) pea flowers in the Spring.

Chorizema rhombeum, the prostrate flame pea, is small ground-hugging form that reaches only 10cm in height and loves to snuggle among twigs and rocks where it makes a delightful splash of colour.  In flower they present a gaudy, spreading display in shades of a bright red to hot pink with vivid yellow centres from late Summer to Winter.  They are fast-growing and you can leave them to their own devices and they will make an attractive display.  You can prune them, pinch them back and cut them back after flowering to keep them under control and they make an attractive bedding, edging or flower border.

These delightful plants are a source of late Winter colour and can even be brought inside for periods to give you that sense of Spring in the depths of Winter.  Easy to grow from seed and requiring only simple stratification by way of pre-treatment. 

20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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