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Castanospermum australe - Moreton Bay Chestnut / Blackbean - 10 seeds

Castanospermum australe - Moreton Bay Chestnut / Blackbean - 10 seeds


This is an Australian native tree that grows from 8 - 20m tall and 4 - 8m wide but can reach up to 20m in its native habitat, it has dark green pinnate leaves on low spreading branches with a rounded canopy.

In Spring orange to red and yellow pea shaped flowers 3 - 4cm long appear but are often hidden among the dense foliage, in Autumn to Winter, large cylindrical seed pods 12 - 20cm long x 4 - 6cm wide that ripen to brown when ripe split in two, enclosed are 3 - 5, sometimes more, bean like seeds that each range from 15 to 40g in weight.


Blackbean is native to coastal rainforest and beaches in northern NSW up along the eastern coast to Cape York Peninsula, occurring also in New Caledonia and Vanuatu, often on terraces on the sides of mountains or along the banks of rivers and streams.

It can be grown in a range of soils and conditions, performing best in full sun but part shade is tolerated, in moist fertile well drained soils in subtropical to tropical climates but can grow in cooler climates.  


This makes an interesting indoor plant singly or in clusters, a shade tree, attracts birds, butterflies and insects, can be used for erosion control on stream banks due to the strong root system, can be used as a windbreak in strong wind areas or as a feature tree.


These are very easily propagated with fresh seeds that are only available for a very short period every year


Note that leaves and seeds are toxic to livestock.


10 premium quality large seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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