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Cassia javanica - Apple Blossom Tree - 15 seeds

Cassia javanica - Apple Blossom Tree - 15 seeds


Cassia javanica, commonly known as Pink and White Shower or the Apple Blossom Cassia is a fast growing, deciduous tree up to 25m in height, the trunk frequently has many shoots and the crown, consisting of descending branches with sparse foliage, is wide open, arched and spread out. 


It has very pretty pale green leaves 5cm in length, leaves are paripinnate, made up of 12 pairs of leaflets that are elliptic or oblong and rounded at the apex and base.

It produces masses of beautiful flowers, with petals at first pale red, changing to dark red, then back again to pink, arranged in racemes blooming during the Spring, and the fruits (legumes) ripen in the Autumn.

Native to the tropical regions of Asia, from India to Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and southern China it prefers a warm frost free climate but can withstand light frost, to about -2°C and best grown in a sunny position in deep, well drained soil.

Seed germinates readily after stimulation with hot water treatment.

15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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