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Cassia grandis - Pink Shower Tree- 15 seeds

Cassia grandis - Pink Shower Tree- 15 seeds


Cassia grandis, commonly known as the Coral Shower Tree or Pink Shower Tree, is native to tropical regions of America. 

Apparently originating in the Amazon, the species' natural distribution cannot be accurately described but is found growing in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Hawaii.

It is a deciduous or semideciduous tree that grows up to 18m in height and 50cm in width, the trunk is straight and the spreading crown is high, irregular, and made up of dangling branches.  The leaves are paripinnate and made up of 10 to 20 pairs of oblong leaflets that are 3 to 6cm long and rounded or obtuse at the apex and base.

The species grows well in clay soils and generally establishes itself near river banks and prospers in places with average annual temperatures of 22 to 26°C and average annual precipitation of 1000 to 1300mm.  The species grows spontaneously on the banks of rivers and streams, forming gallery forests.

Cassia grandis is used as an ornamental to beautify streets, avenues, parks, and gardens.  The sweet tasting and bad smelling pulp of the fruit is edible and is used as a laxative.

The pink to purple flowers turn a salmon colour with time and are arranged in racemes and blooms in Spring, and fruits (legumes) ripen in Summer.  The dark brown to black legumes are big and heavy, cylindrical, about 40 to 60cm long and 3 to 5cm wide.

15 premium quality seed shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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