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Carpobrotus virescens - Karkalla / Coastal Pig Face - 20 seeds

Carpobrotus virescens - Karkalla / Coastal Pig Face - 20 seeds

A beautiful succulent with vibrant flowers and a tasty bush tucker plant!
This gorgeous prostrate flowering succulent is native to coastal regions in WA, SA, VIC and TAS, growing 0.1 - 0.3m tall x 0.5 - 3m wide usually found growing on white, grey or brown sand on coastal limestone cliffs and dunes.
The very showy ligulate flowers are purple to pink with pale yellow centres from Winter through to Spring and Summer and the fleshy succulent leaves grow to 10cm long, following the flowers the fruit grows to the size of a grape and turns a deep red when ripe and canbe eaten fresh or cooked.
Makes a great groundcover, looks fantastic in rockeries, coastal and inland plantings and makes a good gap filler, it attracts birds, bees, insects and lizards.
Best in full sun or part shade in sandy coastal areas, fertiliser is not essential but can be applied, use a liquid fertiliser at the beginning of Spring to encourage fuller growth and an all purpose fertiliser applied twice a year will give the plant an additional boost and to maintain vigour.
Indigenous Australians use this as a Bush Tucker food as well as medicinally, the fruit can be eaten fresh, dried or cooked as well as eating the salty fleshy leaves, raw or cooked.
Leaves can also be used similar to Aloe Vera to remedy stings, burns or skin irritations.  Karkalla extracts have also been shown to have significant amounts of antioxidant, anti-platelet and anti-inflammatory activity.

20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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