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Canna indica - Wild Canna Lily / Indian Shot / Canna - 10 seeds

Canna indica - Wild Canna Lily / Indian Shot / Canna - 10 seeds


This herbaceous perennial is native to South America, Central America, West Indies and Mexico and has naturalised in many other countries around the world including Eastern and SE Australia, New Zealand, Southern USA, South and East Africa, Hawaii and some of the Pacific Islands usually growing in moist areas - swamps, wetlands margins and along streambanks.


Growing 90 - 180cm tall with green upright flowering stalk up to 2m tall, the stem clasping sheath at the base with large, spreading oval leaf blades 20 - 60cm long x 10 - 30cm wide with a pointed tip.  The showy red flowers occur at the top of the flowering stalk, the flowers fade and green seed capsules 1.5 - 3cm long x 1.5 - 2cm wide are covered with blunt spikes, change to purple and then turn brown when ripe, these open up into 3 segments to reveal numerous black spherical to ovoid seeds 5 - 8mm long x 4 - 7mm wide.


Canna is spread by seeds and also by an underground rhizome.  It can become a little weedy in some areas but this could be stopped by pulling out rhizomes when they grow outside the area intended or by cutting spent flowers before plants set seeds.


Best grown in full sun to part shade and grows in most soils and conditions.  Cut down to ground level once flowering has finished to increase plant vigour and remove dead leaves.

This is a very popular plant in tropical to temperate zones, makes a great impact when grown en masse as a feature, great as a poolside plant and for damp areas.


Seeds have been known to be used in jewellery making in place of beads.


10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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