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Canavalia rosea - Beach Bean / Wild Jack Bean - 10 Seeds

Canavalia rosea - Beach Bean / Wild Jack Bean - 10 Seeds


Canavalia rosea, commonly known as Beach Bean or Wild Jack Bean is a mostly herbaceous vine that trails along beach dunes and coastal strand and has a pantropical distribution occurring naturally on seashores in the tropics and subtropics throughout the world.  Beach Bean grows on the upper beaches and sand dunes and on seaside cliffs, the thick, fleshy stem can grow to 6m or more in length and more than 2.5cm in diameter.  The stem is rather woody near the base and several branches radiate outward, forming mats of light green semi-succulent foliage. 


Beach Bean has compound leaves with three thick, more or less rounded, fleshy leaflets, each about 6cm long and the leaflets fold up under the hot sun at midday.  The flowers are typical pea flowers, purplish pink, about 5cm long and borne in erect spikes on long stalks and blooms most of the Summer and sporadically the rest of the year.  The pods are flat and 10 to 15cm long and are prominently ridged and woody when mature. 


Beach Bean hasn't really been discovered by the horticultural community yet, but it has great potential for xeriscape gardening. It is an excellent ground cover for dry sandy areas and a must-have for seaside gardens. Use beach bean as a ground cover where you have full sun, poor soil, and drought conditions. 


It is also used as a biomass cover crop in Third World countries and in arid lands in Australia and Africa where its amazingly rapid growth quickly covers even the harshest soils. It is used to control soil erosion in many parts of the world.  The young pods and seeds are edible and used for food in northern Australia, mature seeds must be boiled or roasted to render them edible and an infusion was made with the crushed roots and rubbed over the skin for rheumatism, general pain, skin disorders and colds. 


The sturdy, fast growing Beach Bean thrives in almost any well drained soil, is highly salt tolerant and prefers a full sun position.   Prune  to be keep in check and not grow unruly.  The Beach Bean is drought tolerant and tolerates watering as long as the soil has excellent drainage.


10 large premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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