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Calodendrum capense - Cape Chestnut - 10 seeds

Calodendrum capense - Cape Chestnut - 10 seeds


A spectacular flowering tree that has great form and makes quite the statement in larger spaces!


This is a small single trunked, evergreen to briefly deciduous tree growing to 10m tall with a spread of about 6m wide and has a lovely dense rounded habit and spreading canopy, the trunk is smooth and mottled grey.

It has deep green elliptic leaves that are paler underneath with slightly wavy margins and in Spring to Summer an abundance of pink , lightly perfumed flowers occur in terminal clusters, putting on a spectacular show!

Following flowering, green 5 lobed warty fruits ripen to brown, persisting on the tree for quite some time and contain large black, smooth, roundish seeds.


A native to South Africa and into tropical Africa, growing naturally in forests and kloofs, occasionally in scrub and riverine bush.


Best grown in an open sunny position in rich well drained soil, in subtropical, warm temperate and tropical climates, it tolerates frost when established and pruning if required. Give adequate water during the warmer months and apply a balanced slow release fertiliser annually as well as mulching in Spring to keep the roots cool and moist.

Makes a great feature tree, shade tree or coastal tree if protected from strong winds.


This listing is for 10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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