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Calocedrus decurrens - Incense Cedar - 20 Seeds

Calocedrus decurrens - Incense Cedar - 20 Seeds


Calocedrus decurrens, commonly known as Incense Cedar is a slow to moderately fast-growing species from 15 to 25m in height.  It is native to the west coast of North America where it ranges from Oregon south to Baja California, in its native habitat it can get as large as 45m in height with a trunk diameter of 1.8m.  Most trees in cultivation are pencil shaped, 9 to 15m in height tall and 2 to 3m in width.


It grows as a tall, columnar and compact tree with a strongly tapering trunk and attractive reddish-brown fibrous bark.  Foliage appears in flattened sprays with the dark green scale-like leaves from 5 to 10cm in length, the lustrous foliage of this tree is densely massed and vivid green, flowing right to the ground and the pendulous cones are 2cm long and 1cm wide.


Incense Cedar is famed for its high quality, durable aromatic timber which gives it its common name and is a very hardy frost resistant and snow tolerant tree that is best in fertile, moist but well drained soil in full sun to part shade.  It is particularly useful in that it areas with Summer drought.


This fast growing Cedar is a wise choice for hedges and screens, especially used along driveways and borders, as it can be sheared to desirable shapes.

20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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