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Callitris rhomboidea - Port Jackson Pine - 30 Seeds

Callitris rhomboidea - Port Jackson Pine - 30 Seeds

Callitris rhomboidea, commonly known as the Port Jackson or Oyster Bay Pine, is one of some 20 Callitris species of conifer endemic to Australia and (in 2 species cases) Vanuatu.  Callitris comes from two Greek words kalli = beautiful, and treis = three, referring to the arrangement of leaves in threes. 


It is a family of mostly conical or columnar habit hardy plants that will accept a sunny, well-drained position and produce a compact, rather formal tree with foliage almost to the ground.
Port Jackson Pine is narrow-columnar to 15m in height, has slightly glaucous (blue) foliage with pendulous new growth at the apex of the tree.  It produces globular cones to some 2cm in clusters and the male and female cones are found on the same tree. 
It is found in a broad range of climates and soil types from Queensland to Tasmania and South Australia, is frost hardy to -7°C in areas of normal rainfall and hardy in most soils.  Although drought resistant, best growth is achieved where there is ample moisture.
These trees are fast growing, taking only 5 years to reach maturity.  It can make an excellent feature tree where a narrow, columnar tree is suited and is a useful timber species, yielding timber which is resistant to termite attack and used commercially for buildings and poles.  Resin from Callitris trees has been used as an adhesive by The Indigenous Australians in some parts of Australia to attach spearheads to spears.  
It also attracts parrots and other seed eaters, and is useful as a windbreak and for erosion control. 
30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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