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Callitris endlicheri - Black Cypress Pine - 30 Seeds

Callitris endlicheri - Black Cypress Pine - 30 Seeds

Callitris endlicheri, commonly known as the Black Cypress Pine is one of some 20 Callitris species of conifer endemic to Australia and (in 2 species cases) Vanuatu.  Callitris comes from two Greek words kalli = beautiful, and treis = three, referring to the arrangement of leaves in threes. 


It is a family of mostly conical or columnar habit hardy plants that will accept a sunny, well-drained position and produce a compact, rather formal tree with foliage almost to the ground.
Callitris endlicheri is native to Australia and has a wide distribution, occurring in many areas of New South Wales as well as Queensland and Victoria.  Growing to 20m, it grows into an erect tree with spreading branches and light green foliage, the bark is furrowed and sometimes exudes a sticky gum.  The Indigenous Australians used the gum as an adhesive.
Fast-growing, frost and drought hardy, it requires full sun and can take a range of soils including poor denuded and saline soil, but prefers sandy to light loam.
30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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