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Callitris columellaris - Coastal Cypress Pine / Bribie Island Pine - 30 seeds

Callitris columellaris - Coastal Cypress Pine / Bribie Island Pine - 30 seeds

One of the most widely distributed Callitris and makes a good Bonsai specimen!
This fast growing Australian native conifer grows up to 30m tall in its native habitat but usually only 10 - 12m tall in cultivation with an attractive columnnar form, single trunk with spreading or erect branches, the bark is dark brown, rough and furrowed.
It has dark green to glaucous leaves, dorsal surface not keeled, juvenile leaves in whorls of 4 - 5, 7 - 8mm long and mature leaves in whorls of 3, 1 - 3mm long with a broadly acute apex, it has dense foliage thorughout.
Pollen cones occur in small clusters or solitary at the tips of branchlets, are cylindric to oblong, 3 - 10mm long x 2 - 5mm wide, seedcones are solitary on thin twigs falling quickly after maturity, are dark brown, depressed-globose to ovoid, 12 - 25mm in diameter containing many seeds that are 4 - 5mm long and chestnut brown.
Best in full sun to part shade and is adaptable to many soils, conditions and climates. It tolerates light frost and is drought tolerant when established.
Grows naturally on sandy soils, in all states of Australia except Tasmania.
This is a lovely low maintenance ornamental that makes a great garden tree, screen, feature, foliage tree, hedge, street tree, courtyards, poolside, coastal plantings, for erosion control, birdnesting, is pollution tolerant, produces quality timber that is resistant to fungus and termites and has been used extensively for contruction, fencing and for telegraph poles.
This listing is for 30 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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