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Callistemon salignus - White Bottlebrush - 250 seeds

Callistemon salignus - White Bottlebrush - 250 seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Callistemon salignus is a shrub to a small tree to a maximum of 10m with pendulous branches and papery peeling bark. 

The flower spikes are creamy white to a light yellow, sometimes, although rarely, pink, appearing in the Spring and at times again in the Autumn. 


An attractive feature of the species is the new foliage which has a beautiful pink tinge.  It is frost resistant and has the advantage of accepting wet or dry soils. 
One of the great advantages of this species is that it thrives in a high light indoor environment so can be container grown indoors. 
Callistemon salignus can tolerate waterlogged soils for lengthy periods.


Propagation is easy from seed and propagation notes available on request or on our website.
250 premium quality seeds shipped upon receipt of cleared funds.
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