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Callicarpa pedunculata - Velvet Leaf - 25 seeds

Callicarpa pedunculata - Velvet Leaf - 25 seeds


Callicarpa pedunculata grows as a fast growing dense shrub 1 - 3m tall x 0.5 - 2m wide that occurs in and near subtropical rainforest, usually in disturbed areas in rainforest and wet sclerophyll forest.

Leaves are bright green, soft and velvety to touch growing quite densely, providing protection and a habitat for small birds and in Summer flowing cascades of flowers in varying shades of purple, mauve, white and pink, flowers are then followed by attractive clusters of bright purple spherical fruit.


The flowers attract bees, nectar feeding birds, butterflies and other insects and the abundant fruit is an appealing food source for birds and other wildlife.


Best in subtropical climates, warm temperate, cool temperate and Mediterranean in well drained soils in sunny to lightly shade positions with adequate water - note that it is not frost tolerant.

These are very decorative and make an appealing addition to the garden, they are also pollution tolerant and is useful for honey production.


25 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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