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Caesalpinia pulcherrima - Pride of Barbados / Dwarf Poinciana - 10 seeds

Caesalpinia pulcherrima - Pride of Barbados / Dwarf Poinciana - 10 seeds


Caesalpinia pulcherrima, commonly known as Pride of Barbados, Barbados Flower fence, Peacock tree, or Dwarf Poinciana, is one of the small and truly spectacular flowering trees of the world.  It is a small evergreen perennial shrub or tree from the West Indies, 3 to 5m in height with alternate, bipinnate leaves. 


The red, orange, yellow and pink flowers grow at the end of prickly branches.
This small, graceful tree flowers throughout the year and is a beautiful garden plant.

Originating as its name suggests from Barbados this small tree is easily mistaken for Poinciana when smaller for its many similarities like the leguminous foliage and similar form, but the similarities really end there.  This tree at maturity is dwarfed by a mature Poinciana it rarely exceeds 5m in height with a spread of up to 7m, perhaps half to one third the size of Poinciana and the flowers are totally different.  The bloom illustrating this listing is an accurate image of the beautiful blooms you can expect on this tree for long periods throughout the year. They are up to 8cm in length and are produced in profusion, a sight to gladden the sourest of hearts.

It likes full sun in a well drained, alkaline to acidic soil.  Grow this one in the same conditions and manner as Poinciana - although not truly frost hardy, it will take temperatures to say 0°C without damage and to about - 6°C before the damage is irreparable.  As it is a very fast-growing species that flowers very young, it can actually be grown as an annual in cooler climates, although frost is a hazard to young plants.  Frost tolerance increases with age and size.

10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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