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Caesalpinia ferrea - Leopard Tree / Brazillian Ironbark - 15 seeds

Caesalpinia ferrea - Leopard Tree / Brazillian Ironbark - 15 seeds


This Brazillian native is a fast growing tree that can reach up to 20m tall in its native habit but usually only 8 - 15m in cultivation and has smooth white, grey and brown mottled bark with a single trunk and an umbrella shaped crown of bipinnate leaves to 10cm with small leaflets to 1cm long.

In Spring to Summer the tree sheds its leaves (fully or partially) and racemes of 1cm wide yellow bell shaped flowers cover the tree in profusion and these are then followed by green seed pods that ripen to shiny brown in the Autumn to Winter.


Best in an open full sun position in moist, well drained soil and prefers warmer climates and is not frost hardy.  It can be pruned to kept tidy and to desired height and shape.


A great choice as a feature for large parks and gardens, as a street tree, looks fantastic as an avenue planting and makes an interesting Bonsai specimen.


This listing is for 15 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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