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Burchardia umbellata - Milkmaids - 20 seeds

Burchardia umbellata - Milkmaids - 20 seeds

A pretty Australian native that is a great bush tucker plant!
This Australian native is a herbaceous perennial with 1 or 2 basal leaves, grows as a grass like plant with glabrous, narrow linear leaves to 60cm long x 1.5 - 4mm wide and flowers occur from late Spring to Summer on top of a thin 50 - 60cm tall stalk with 2 leaf like bracts, the flowers are white, sometimes tinged with pink with a reddish centre occurring in clusters of 2 - 10, each flower approximately 25mm in diameter.
The fruit that follows is a capsule 10 - 15mm long ripening in Summer, the mature seeds shed within a few days and are hard to get because seed yields are low and you have to be there exactly when they are ready to be shed!
This is a widespread species, found in all states except NT, found growing in open forests, woodlands, grasslands, heathland and damp areas including swamps.
Best grown in moist well drained soil in sunny or slightly shaded areas, great in garden beds, rockeries, clusters among trees as an understorey planting or in containers.
This is also a great bush tucker food, the Indigenous Australians ate the carrot like tubers these are high in starch and are eaten raw or roasted.
No pre-treatment required but sometimes a smoke treatment helps germination results.

20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.  

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