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Bulbine glauca - Rock Lily - 25 Seeds

Bulbine glauca - Rock Lily - 25 Seeds

Bulbine glauca, commonly known as the Rock Lily is a tufted perennial that grows to a height of about 50cm, with thick and fleshy roots.  It is found naturally in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and possibly into Queensland. Its distribution is mostly associated with elevated areas, cliffs, crevices and summits, and along the Great Diving Range in Victoria and New South Wales. 
The flowers are borne on spikes, which in the wild usually develop after rain, the plant produces two or more inflorescences, with small, yellow, star-shaped flowers, which are faintly scented.  The flowers can begin to open in Spring and can continue flowering right through to Autumn if the plant receives regular water throughout the hot months. 
Each plant has about 6 to 16 leaves, which are erect and taper to a cylindrical point at the apex, the leaves are glaucous or bluish-grey. 
Bulbine glauca is distinguished from Bulbine bulbosa, by the absence of a tuber and the anthers are not obscured by hairs.
Bulbine glauca is easy to propagate in rich, well drained soil in an area that is regularly watered, through either self-seeding or dividing older plants.  The seedlings that come up in Spring are able to be transplanted, and will still flower that Summer.  During the hot months, watering 2 to 3 times a week is required, but allowed to dry off after. 
Bulbine glauca is horticulturally desirable as it is frost tolerant, with the leaves persistent throughout Winter.  It is able to be grown in full sun to light shade and prefers a slightly protected area and has a long flowering time, and the only maintenance that is required is removing the spikes after flowering.  A general liquid fertiliser once a month is not essential but will help the plant look its best. 
25 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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