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Bulbine bulbosa - Golden Lily - 25 seeds

Bulbine bulbosa - Golden Lily - 25 seeds


The Bulbine Lily is a small herbaceous native and grows in native grassland and Eucalypt woodland in many parts of Australia from Queensland to Tasmania and in Western Australia.  It has linear succulent leaves in deep green and produces a flower spike to about 40cm with yellow star shaped blooms in the Spring and early Summer and can carry up to a dozen bright yellow flowers on each spike and is stunning as a mass planting, in a container, in a cottage garden or in a rockery.  It is a useful and attractive addition or alternative to the Irises, Daffodils and Gladioli.

Bulbine Lilies are dependant on the weather - reasonable rain in Autumn and Winter triggers a floral extravaganza in Spring.  They are frost hardy to -7°C, are suitable for heavy shade and take a range of soils including take poorly drained soil.  Cultivated plants have a much longer blooming cycle than plants in the wild.


It produces a bulb that when roasted is very nutritious, as its corms contain both calcium and iron, for a tasty  snack, slice them thinly, sprinkle them with salt and pop them in the oven to make the ideal chemical free chip!

They are easily grown from seed and once established they can be grown from division and transplant readily.

25 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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