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Brunonia australis - Blue Pincushion Flower - 50 seeds

Brunonia australis - Blue Pincushion Flower - 50 seeds


This herbaceous perennial has a variable habit due to its widespread distribution growing to 10cm tall with a 50cm spread, has a cluster of elliptical leaves to 10cm long at the base and the cluster of flowers that are borne on a 50cm long stem that emerges from the base of the plant. 


Each cluster is about 30mm in diameter, hemispherical in shape, contains about 50 or more individual flowers and of course each individual flower is small and mid to deep blue occurring from Spring to Autumn although flowering may occur at other times of the year.


Brunonia is tolerant of light frost, prefers well drained soil in a full sun to part shaded position.  Note that establishment can be difficult, and it is not unusual for plants to die out in a year or two so best to treat this as an annual or biennial as propagation by seed is simple and seed is easy to come by. 


This makes a fabulous small feature plant when mass planted with its gorgeous blue flower heads held high above the foliage, also great as a border plant and attracts butterflies, bees and other insects.


50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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