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Brachychiton rupestris - Queensland Bottle Tree - 25 seeds

Brachychiton rupestris - Queensland Bottle Tree - 25 seeds


The Queensland Bottle Tree or the Narrow leaf Bottle Tree, Brachychiton rupestris, is a semi-deciduous tree growing to 20m in its native habitat and its dominating feature is the swollen bottle like trunk.


Foliage is variable, the juvenile leaves are compound with between 3 and 9 linear leaflets, on maturity the leaves are simple, narrow lanceolate, up to 10cm long.


It is a flowering tree, but the flowers are small and somewhat insignificant.


The bottle tree provides a range of edible items:-

  • The soft juicy tissue of the stem can be eaten, the stem abounds in a mucilaginous substance resembling pure gum tragacanth in appearance - wholesome and nutritious, it is used as an article of food by the Indigenous Australians in cases of extreme need.  A similar clear jelly is obtainable by pouring boiling water on chips of the wood.
  • Seeds can be raw of the resultant seed crop, not the seeds supplied.
  • Roots of young trees are agreeable and refreshing, it is unclear whether or not the Indigenous Australians prepared the root in any way before consumption.
  • Young stems can be eaten.


It is drought and frost hardy and will take most aspects and well drained soil types and will accept dry conditions. Its natural range in Australia is Central Queensland through to northern New South Wales.


As with all of the Brachychiton family it is easy to grow and the seed requires no pre-treatment other than soaking in hot water overnight.


This species is adaptable and can grow in the garden or in a tub on a patio or balcony or indoors until its size makes this impractical and is an interesting Bonsai subject.


25 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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