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Brachychiton gregorii - Desert Kurrajong - 15 Seeds

Brachychiton gregorii - Desert Kurrajong - 15 Seeds


Brachychiton gregorii, commonly known as the Desert Kurrajong, is native of the arid areas of West Australia, the Northern Territory and South Australia where it is found on red sand, sandy loam on undulating sand dunes, rocky ridges and slopes.

It is an evergreen tree growing 3 to 12m in height with a spread of 4m with a stout and tapering trunk with rough, reddish-brown bark and a dense crown.  The leaves are light green, 7.5cm long, sharply pointed and three to five lobed, the flowers are bell-shaped in white or light yellow found in small clusters in small clusters in Summer, the fruits that follow, are broad boat-like pods.

Brachychiton gregorii is best in light very well drained soils with a neutral to slightly acidic range and is drought and frost resistant.

This listing is for 15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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