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Boronia ternata v elongata - Boronia - 20 seeds

Boronia ternata v elongata - Boronia - 20 seeds


This is a West Australian Native, endemic to SW WA and grows as an erect and many branched shrub 0.3 - 2m tall with elliptic to lance shaped, simple or trifoliate leaves 2 - 15mm long x 1 - 5.5mm wide with perfumed white to pink four petalled flowers arranged singly or in groups of 3 occurring from Autumn to Spring, followed by the fruit which is a capeule 3 - 5.5mm long x 2 - 3.5mm wide.


Grows naturally on lateritic gravelly soils on undulating hills, stony cliffs and breakaways.

Best grown in medium well drained soils in a protected shady position, it is drought tender but frost resistant.


Propagation by seed is difficult but not impossible!  Pre-treatment of smoke or smoke water is required to aid germination.


20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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