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Bolusanthus speciosus - Tree Wisteria - 20 seeds

Bolusanthus speciosus - Tree Wisteria - 20 seeds


Bolusanthus speciosus, commonly known as the Tree Wisteria, is a stunning flowering tree from Zimbabwe, Swaziland and the northern provinces of South Africa is a decorative, small to medium-sized deciduous tree normally 7 - 12m tall.

The tree is normally multi stemmed, but it can be pruned to form a single stem.  The bark of the stem is brownish grey, rough and deeply fissured.  The leaves are yellowish green, bright shiny green above and dull green below and are spirally arranged, suspended from drooping branches.  They drop from the tree for a short period in early Spring, the cascading blue-mauve, fragrant, pea-like flowers hang from the branches in bunches, often covering the whole tree from Spring to early Summer. 

Flowers are followed by papery, brown fruit pods, that hang from the branches in clusters.

It is an ideal tree to grace a medium to small garden, as it never grows too big.  It can be grown in a container and looks spectacular on any sunny patio and is a great Bonsai subject.

Moderately frost tolerant and drought resistant, it is a popular garden tree in Southern Africa.

Propagation from seed is straightforward, seed needing only to be soaked overnight in hot water.  Sow the seed in containers filled with river sand, covering lightly with finer sand.  Remember that the sowing depth should not be deeper than the diameter of the seed.  The seeds germinate quickly and can be transplanted after the second leaf has emerged - a good soil mixture would be equal parts of river sand, loam and compost.  With good care this tree can grow up to 80cm a year.


20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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