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Bixa orellana - Annato / Achiote Tree / Lipstick Plant - 20 seeds

Bixa orellana - Annato / Achiote Tree / Lipstick Plant - 20 seeds


Bixa orellana is a fast growing South American small tree to large shrub reaching up to 5m in height x 4m wide, with mid green foliage and self pollinating white to pinkish purple flowers with prominent stamens in Autumn.  These are then followed by red to maroon heart shaped fruits that are covered in blunt spikes, splitting open to reveal the dark red seeds in Winter, they can fruit quite young from 2 years.


It is found naturally growing in coastal and inland thickets as well as tropical forest. 

Best in well drained soils preferring a neutral to alkaline soil, but will succeed in almost any soil type


This is a perfect choice for tropical and subtropical climates that can be used as a feature, screen, hedge or for its other properties as a dye for clothes and fabric, cosmetic as a natural lipstick, condiment or insect repellent (resultant crop not for seeds purchased).


Annato is the orange to red food colouring that is made from the seeds making bright colours from yellow, deep reddish orange or red - it is estimated that 70% of natural colours are derived from it.

The condiment has a floral, nutty and peppery aroma and a slightly sweet and peppery taste.


Tolerates a hard prune so can be used successfully as a flowering hedge and this also improves vigour and desired shape.


20 premium quality seeds shipped on cleared funds.


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