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Bauhinia tomentosa - Yellow Bauhinia/Yellow Bell Orchid Tree - 25 seeds

Bauhinia tomentosa - Yellow Bauhinia/Yellow Bell Orchid Tree - 25 seeds

A gorgeous flowering small tree or shrub with great foliage!
This is a slow growing small tree or shrub that grows 3 - 4m tall x 2m wide with grey to brown bark, pretty light green feathery leaves that are divided into two lobes with branches that are often drooping. Yellow bell shaped flowers with a black to maroon centre occur in Summer, follwed by light green, pea like pods that are velvety and thin, ripening to pale brown from Summer to Winter.
The flowers are rich in pollen and attract bees, butterflies, other insects and birds, it is a host plant for many butterfly and moth species.
The dried flowers, buds and leaves are used in traditional African and Indian medicine as well as a wild source of food and dyes, the wood is also used to make rafters for huts.
Native to South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, other parts of Tropical Africa, India and Sri Lanka growing in woodland, riverine bush and coastal dune bush. It is deciduous in cooler climates but can be evergreen in warmer areas.
Best in full sun in well drained soil with added organic matter with mulch added, established plants can withstand moderate frost and it has a non aggressive root system.
Great planted in gardens, around pools, in large containers or rockeries.
This listing is for 25 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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