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Banksia violaceae - Violet Banksia - 10 seeds

Banksia violaceae - Violet Banksia - 10 seeds


The Violet Banksia is a Western Australian shrub to about 1.2m in height and 1m wide, has scattered narrow linear leaves to about 2.5cm in length in medium to deep green with attractive light green new growth.  


It has violet to a deep reddish purple flowers that grow to about 7.5cm and appearing in early Summer and lasting for three to four months, although the older blooms tend to be persistent.  It is nectar producing and attractive to pollinating birds.

This species is not lignotuberous and hence regenerates from seed after fire.  Pruning can be beneficial to maintain shape, but not below the green foliage.  The natural territory of this species is the south west of Western Australia in white sandy or light loamy heath or shrubland soils with an annual rainfall of some 300 to 500mm and  is best suited to propagation in light sandy loam soils in a sunny position and with low humidity.  It is an easy Banksias to grow, although somewhat slow-growing and will exist happily in a tub or large pot or in the garden.

Propagation is from seed which should be sown into a standard seed raising mix and watered as required, plant young seedlings as soon as practical to avoid too much root disturbance.  Plant into well drained soil with an acidic pH of around 6.0 to 6.5.

10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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