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Banksia telmatiaea - Swamp Fox Banksia - 10 seeds

Banksia telmatiaea - Swamp Fox Banksia - 10 seeds


This Banksia grows as an upright or spreading shrub 1 - 2m tall with thin linear leaves and has 3 - 5cm wide ball shaped creamy yellow to pink brown flowers from Autumn to Spring and the woody cone that follows has up to 70 follicles.

The flowers have large amounts of nectar and attracts bird, bees, other insects and mammals.


This WA native grows naturally in swampy sandy soils, in marshes, swamps and seasonal wet areas and is best grown in well drained, moist soil in full sun to part shade.


Banksia telmatiaea is a lovely low maintenance shrub perfect for gardens in warm temperate, cool temperate, Mediterranean and cool climates - areas of low humidity.  It tolerates poor soils, poor drainage, is frost resistant and note that it is drought tender.


10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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