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Banksia speciosa - Showy Banksia - 5 Seeds

Banksia speciosa - Showy Banksia - 5 Seeds


One of the most beautiful Banksias and a great bee plant!


The Showy Banksia is one of the most attractive Banksias and grows in a range of climates.  It is a large shrub that can reach 7.5m in height it has attractive long linear leaves up to 45cm long by 7.5cm in width divided into many triangular lobes and ranging in colour from a light lemon green through beige to a reddish orange.  New growth is pale brown with rusty brown branchlets. 
The acorn style flowers are yellow, conspicuous and well-patterned and appear throughout the year with a peak in Summer and Autumn, with each spike lasting several weeks.
This is one of the most beautiful Banksias and can make a good screen plant or windbreak particularly where salt winds are prevalent.
The natural habitat of this species is the south west of Western Australia in deep white sand on consolidated dunes and with an annual rainfall of 400-500mm a year.  This popular species is widely cultivated, particularly in South Australia and Victoria but dislikes heavy soils and low humidity.  It is mildly frost tolerant, fast growing and flowers in three to four years from seed. 
Propagation is easy from seed which should be sown into a standard seed raising mix and watered as required. The best times to propagate Banksia from seed are either Spring or Autumn, with Autumn being the favoured time, both in cultivation and in the wild.
As with most Banksias this species can be raised in pots for the first year and can be maintained permanently in large tubs if desired. In planting out seedlings avoid too much root disturbance, plant into well drained soil with an acidic pH of around 6.0 to 7.0. 
This listing is for 5 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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