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Banksia serrata - Old Man Banksia - 5 seeds

Banksia serrata - Old Man Banksia - 5 seeds

This is an eastern Australian native that has a native range from southern QLD along the coast to VIC, there is also a population in northern TAS.  Growing as a non-lignotuberous tree to 15m tall, sometimes forming a gnarled and stunted small tree with blackened bark (as a bush fire survivor) and leathery leaves that are stiff with serrated margins.  
Although the tree is non-lignotuberous, it will send out epicormix shoots from beneath the bark a week or so after the bush fire has passed.
The flowers are creamy yellow to brown in colour, large - 12cm long x 10cm wide followed by seed cones with large protruding follicles.
Best grown in well drained sandy loam in subtropical, warm temperate, cool temperate and Mediterranean climates, it is moderately frost tolerant and withstands salty coastal winds.
Banksia serrata is a low maintenance small tree that makes a great feature plant in the garden, it is nectar producing and a source for honey production, attracts birds - black cockatoos in particular love to eat this one!  Has also been successfully as a Bonsai specimen.
5 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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