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Banksia repens - Prostrate Creeping Banksia - 5 seeds

Banksia repens - Prostrate Creeping Banksia - 5 seeds

Banksia repens, commonly known as the Creeping Banksia, is a prostrate, lignotuberous banksia from the sand heaths of the south coast of Western Australia.  With a spread of up to 3m and to 75cm in height it has handsome flowers and foliage, with particularly attractive new foliage as illustrated.
The horizontal branches are often partly hidden in the sand, the erect, scattered foliage is medium green, deeply lobed and tomentose (furry) when young.  The handsome 10cm by 7cm flower spikes appear in the Spring and the perianth (the outer whorls of the flower) are cream with a pink limb and the styles (stalks) are pale pink to cream.  Flowers are often borne away from the leaves, giving the appearance that they are growing directly from the ground.  Cones are similar in size to the flower heads, woolly and persistent. 
Creeping Banksia comes from an area with hot dry Summers and cool wet Winters but can be cultivated happily in areas of Summer rainfall provided it is given the correct soil.  It is best in 40 to 50cm of well draining sandy topsoil that is neutral to slightly acidic and likes full sun but can tolerate dappled shade.  It is drought and frost tolerant once established. 
Being a lignotuberous species it will regenerate from its roots after fire or frost. 


Apart from its natural beauty this species is useful for embankments and erosion control and is a good container or tub species.
5 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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