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Banksia praemorsa - Cut Leaf Banksia - 10 seeds

Banksia praemorsa - Cut Leaf Banksia - 10 seeds

Banksia praemorsa, commonly known as the Cut Leaf Banksia is a compact  shrub to about 3m in height and width and found naturally growing on the far south coast of Western Australia in the Albany area.
The leaves are broad, about 50mm long by 15mm wide with toothed margins and with the ends truncated, giving rise to both the scientific and common names. 
The cylindrical flower spikes are conspicuous and up to 350mm long by 100mm diameter at maturity.  We are offering both flower colours, being, wine red or yellow and are seen mostly in the Winter and Spring. 


The seeds are enclosed in follicles attached to a woody cone and are generally retained within the cone until burnt. 
The species is closely related to Banksia media and Banksia epica and is fire sensitive in that it does not have lignotuber for vegetative regeneration after bushfires so the species relies on seed for regeneration. 
Banksia praemorsa is one of the hardier Western Australian Banksias in areas with humid Summers. 
It is bird attracting, frost hardy and withstands salt spray, requires a sunny, well drained position and is tolerant of at least moderate frost.  Plants respond to pruning but not below existing green foliage.
10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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