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Banksia occidentalis - Red Swamp Banksia - 10 seeds

Banksia occidentalis - Red Swamp Banksia - 10 seeds


Banksia occidentalis, commonly known as the Red Swamp Banksia is an ornamental, upright medium shrub to small tree to 6m in height from the coastal peat swamps of southern Western Australia.


With a smooth, brownish grey bark and a densely textured crown and impressive, profuse reddish gold blooms peaking in Summer and Autumn  but occurring throughout the year, it is an excellent garden choice.  


It  grows naturally in swampy peaty sands near the coast, tolerates light frosts and responds to judicial pruning.  It will thrive in a similar garden environment but adapts well to other soils and prefers a Mediterranean climate and may be difficult to sustain in areas with humid Summers  

It makes a useful windbreak or screening plant and is often used as a cut flower.


10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of clear funds.

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