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Banksia menziesii - Firewood Banksia Tree Form - 5 seeds

Banksia menziesii - Firewood Banksia Tree Form - 5 seeds


This WA native is for the lignotuberous tree form that grows to 7m tall with oblong grey green serrated foliage and in Spring to Summer puts on a fabulous flower show, the terminal flowers are large to 8cm across and acorn shaped, the most common colour being deep red/pink and yellow but other combinations are seen - cream, gold, burgundy, bronze and chocolate tones.


Best grown in dry Mediterranean climates in free draining sandy soil that is similar to its native deep sands of the WA coastal plains.

Best in a full sun position with organic mulch and feed with a light application of a low phosphate Australian native fertiliser.


This is a highly ornamental and low maintenance Banksia that looks fantastic in the home garden, used as a feature or screen, windbreak, for cut flowers, has attractive seedpods and attracts nectar feeding birds, bees and insects.


5 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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