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Banksia ashbyi ssp boreoscaia - 5 seeds

Banksia ashbyi ssp boreoscaia - 5 seeds


Banksia ashbyi ssp boreoscaia that grows into a dense shrub to 2m tall and is lignotuberous, is has grey green saw toothed leaves 20cm long x 3cm wide and has orange cylindrical flower spikes 15cm long x 8cm wide from Winter to Summer, the woody cones that hold the seeds are retained on the plant.


This shrub is fire tolerant and is moderately frost sensitive, best grown in full sun and prefers sandy loam soils.

Naturally found growing on the NW coast of WA between Canarvon and North West Cape.


Flowers attract nectar feeding birds, bees and insects.


5 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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