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Backhousia citriodora - Lemon Scented Myrtle - 25 seed capsules

Backhousia citriodora - Lemon Scented Myrtle - 25 seed capsules


Myrtaceae Species - No shipment to WA or TAS


Backhousia citriodora is an evergreen small tree usually to 8m tall in cultivation but can reach 20m in its native habitat where it occurs naturally in QLD coastal forests from Brisbane to Mackay.


It has a dense crown of foliage, a low branching habit, mid green leaves with slightly toothed margins, a pointed apex and a very strong lemon scent, the new foliage emerges in a reddish hue and the young shoots and undersides of leaves are often hairy. 


Creamy white flowers on long stalked clusters appear in the Summer months and the fruit that falls is a nut like capsule that contains several seeds and these are generally retained until the whole fruit falls from the tree in Autumn.
Backhousia is frost tender when young but when it is established t has been recorded to take temperatures down to -8°C.  This is a lovely tree that can be grown for bush tucker or as a garden specimen, it is low maintenance, drought tolerant and attracts nectar feeding birds, bees, butterflies and other insects.
Can be used for the leaves in bush tucker, turned into fragrant oils, erosion control or even as a feature tree.
Propagation by seed is very easy, just sprinkle seeds on a good quality media, cover lightly with washed river sand or a light propagation mix, keep moist but not wet in a warm spot in dappled light.
25 premium quality seed capsules shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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