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Asplenium nidus - Birds Nest Fern - 100+ spores

Asplenium nidus - Birds Nest Fern - 100+ spores


This east Australian native is naturally a epiphytic species that grows in the canopies of trees but grows well in the ground which is usually the way it is found in cultivation.  It has glossy, smooth textured, green, spear like and undivided fronds with a black to brown midrib, underneath spores are brown and are also a feature, the fronds come from a central rosette.  The fronds have a slightly wavy margin and grow to a length 60 - 120cm long x 7 - 20cm wide and has a vase shaped habit.


Prefers to be grown in filtered light, be sure not to plant in direct sunlight, this causes leaf scorch.  Grow in moist, well drained sandy loam and is best in warmer climates - it is very well suited to the tropics, as well as being an east Australian native, it is also native to tropical SE Asia, Hawaii, Polynesia, Christmas Island, India and eastern Africa.


It can be grown in garden beds, as a potted specimen, in a terrarium or as an epiphyte and makes a great addition and tropical effect to a garden.

It is low maintenance and has few pests and diseases.


This listing is for 100+ spores shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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