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Angophora subvelutina - Broad Leaved Apple - 15 seeds

Angophora subvelutina - Broad Leaved Apple - 15 seeds

Myrtaceae - No shipment to WA or TAS
This is an Australian native tree growing to 20m tall, forming a lignotuber with rough dark grey fibrous to flaky bark, foliage is glossy green to dull grey green 6 - 12cm long x 2 - 5cm wide and in Summer, creamy perfumed white flowers in groups of 3 - 7 occur in terminal clusters followed by the gumnuts that follow are globe shaped with ribs 6 - 11mm in diameter.
Angophora subvelutina is naturally found in woodland, coast, ranges and the eastern edge of the tablelands growing on alluvial soil and gravelly clay from near Bundaberg and south to near Taree and disjunctly to near Araluen, NSW.
It is bird, bee and butterfly attracting as well a food source for flying foxes and pollen rich for bees.


This is a fantastic tree that makes a lovely addition to parks and large gardens.

15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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