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Alpinia zerumbet variegata - Variegated Shell Ginger - 10 seeds

Alpinia zerumbet variegata - Variegated Shell Ginger - 10 seeds

This herbaceous perennial growing up to 1.5m tall with a clumping and spreading habit is native to tropical eastern Asia and the variegated form from India. The stout, slightly arching stems have evergreen variegated leaves that are mostly yellow with green markings, with several lance shaped leaves up to 60cm long grow at intervals along the stems.
In Spring and Summer it produces an inflorescence on old growth with drooping racemes at the ends of the leafy stems rather than directly from the rhizomes like most other Ginger species, the flowers are fragrant, waxy, funnel shaped, pearly white tinged with pink on the outside and reddish orange and bright yellow markings on the inside giving the appearance of seashells when in bud, hence the common name Shell Ginger.
Flowers are followed by orange striated round fruits that are often eaten by birds.
Best grown in humid climates in rich moist soil with added organic matter in part shade or shade, but can be grown in full sun although this may result in leaf scorch.
Provide plenty of water and fertilise once monthly during the growing season and do not allow the soil to dry out.
10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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