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Alnus jorullensis - Mexican Alder / Evergreen Alder - 30 seeds

Alnus jorullensis - Mexican Alder / Evergreen Alder - 30 seeds

This native to Mexico and central America is a fast growing evergreen to semi deciduous (in cold climates) with a erect conical habit growing to 10m tall x 4m wide and has pale greyish bark and papery, bronze new growth.  
The foliage is dark green and glossy with serrated margins growing on drooping branches and has small flowers on light green pendulous catkins to 7cm long (male) or in short catkins (female) on the same tree.  The green cone like fruit is 1.5cm long and turns brown with maturity.
Train as a single leader and remove the lower limbs to lift the crown - this goes for if grown in the garden or as a Bonsai specimen.
It is best in full sun and will grow in most soils, even in waterlogged conditions, is fire retardant, suitable for coastal conditions, is wind and frost hardy.  It also is used for erosion control and is useful for bank stabilisation.
Makes a great shade tree, hedge, screen, shelterbelt or Bonsai specimen.
Note that roots can be invasive so be careful where you position in the garden.
30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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