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Alloxylon flammeum - Queensland Tree Waratah - 5 seeds

Alloxylon flammeum - Queensland Tree Waratah - 5 seeds


Alloxylon flammeum commonly known as the the Queensland Tree Waratah - in flower it will stop you in your tracks!  A native from the Queensland rainforests it is a mass of nectar producing large red flowers in the Spring to early Summer and is a centre of attraction for nectar loving birds.

Occurring naturally on the Atherton Tablelands in wet rainforest, it grows to about 8 to 10+m tall with a spread of up to 5m although it is frequently smaller in cultivation.  Foliage is dense deep green - it is a good shade tree with long shapely leaves all year round.

It can be grown successfully in the tropics and subtropics and as far south as Sydney or Perth, although this far south it requires a warm or coastal position away from frost and wind.  In the tropics it can flower at two years of age, although in the southern end of its range it may need three to four years to reach flowering stage.  It appreciates a good humus rich loamy soil in full sun with some wind protection and benefits from a regular watering.

Tree Waratahs make an excellent addition to a lush tropical or subtropical garden and propagates readily from fresh seed, although seed is rarely available in any quantity on a regular basis.

5 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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