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Allocasuarina torulosa - Forest Oak - 60 Seeds

Allocasuarina torulosa - Forest Oak - 60 Seeds


Allocasuarina torulosa, commonly known as the Forest Oak is a slender, conical, upright to spreading tree that ranges in height from 8 to 15m in height and from 5 to 8m in width.  It has pendant, arching branches and a rough corky bark. 


This species has fine weeping foliage with interesting flowers, the female flowers are red, the male produces spikelets in a rusty red, giving these trees an attractive dusky aura in the Autumn and into Winter and produces attractive small cones which give it its common name.

This is a decorative tree from NSW and QLD that adapts to a range of soils and conditions.  It will take tropical conditions, but is best in warmer climates and is not really suited to the cooler areas of the southern states.

As with other Casuarina it can make an interesting Bonsai subject.

60 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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