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Allamanda cathartica - Golden Trumpet - 10 seeds

Allamanda cathartica - Golden Trumpet - 10 seeds

Big, bright yellow flowers on a vine or rambler that makes a great privacy screen!
This exotic gorgeous evergreen flowering vine grows 3 - 6m tall x 3 - 6m wide with a bushy habit and is perfect for the tropics, it doesn't have tendrils and doesn't twine so needs to be trained onto a trellis or some support, a fence or arbor is perfect!
It has deep golden yellow trumpet flowers that are fused at the base, five spreading lobes with orange to red markings in the throat, growing up to 12cm across over a long period from Summer to late Winter, and all year in tropical climates, the flowers are fragrant, produced in loose clusters on new growth, usually in lots of up to 10 at the ends of branches.
The leaves are bright green, glossy, leathery with a wavy margin, up to 10 - 15cm long.
The seed pods that follow flowers are often not seen in cultivation as it is best to remove them to keep new growth and flowers coming, but they are very interesting, being a lovely lime green spiky pod ripening to brown, 30 - 75mm across with 1cm spikes opening into two segments to reveal tan coloured seeds.
Best in full sun to part shade in rich organic, moist but well drained soil and mulch around the base. Water and fertilise twice monthly in the growing period to enhance growth and flowers. 
This species needs heat for best growth and flowering, with day temperatures of 21°C+ and night temperatures 15 - 18°C.



It is best to prune in late Winter to early Spring to encourage a compact bushy habit and more flowers, be careful when cutting, wear gloves as it exudes a milky latex that can irritate skin.
Makes a great privacy screen, can be trained to grow on fences, trellises, arbors and makes a good container plant on patios.
This listing is for 10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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